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Bee swarm frightens Florida neighborhood

Posted On: 08/08/2012

An enormous swarm of honeybees recently invaded a neighborhood in Isles of Capri, Florida. The swarm took over a light pole near a large condominium building.

Residents kept away from the swarm, unsure if they were Africanized bees, which can be very aggressive. The Marco Island Sun Times reported that after multiple residents became concerned about the situation and inquired when the bees would be removed, the condo building’s maintenance department contacted pest control professionals to determine how to best deal with the swarm.

After being told not to disturb the insects, the maintenance supervisor roped off the area around the light post and put up signs warning residents to keep clear of the post until the swarm had been dealt with.

The news source stated that it is likely the swarm consisted of wild honey bees and did not pose a serious threat to residents.

Some swarms can consist of Africanized bees, which can become dangerous if provoked or threatened by humans. Homeowners concerned about a beehive or swarms of the insects in their area should contact pest control specialists to handle the situation safely.

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