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Bees damage Florida home

Posted On: 08/10/2012

When a Miami woman noticed humming in the walls of her rental home six months ago, she knew something wasn’t right. Recently, the noise increased and began to sound like a motor was running behind the drywall, California-based NBC affiliate KSBY reported.

Thousands of honey bees were the source of all the noise. The property’s landlord, who lives nearby, attempted to assist the woman in ridding the home of the insects by spraying them. They discovered the problem was too big for them to handle when they learned the bees were living in the ceilings over two different bedrooms.

Insect control professionals were brought in to handle the situation. After removing the drywall from the affected areas, bees swarmed inside the house and outside. One expert told the renter that she had at least 60,000 bees living in the home.

The source reports that when the pest control professionals cut through the ceiling in one of the bedrooms, honey flowed from the cracks. The pests built honeycomb around the drywall and even in the cinderblocks. The drywall will need to be replaced, and the cinder blocks will need to be removed. The landlord fears a new infestation of rats or cockroaches if the bee infestation is not cleaned up properly.

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