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Don’t let pests sneak in this winter

Posted On: 10/25/2012

Many homeowners are preparing their residences for winter and potential bug infestations due to the cold weather. It’s important to seal up cracks, repair ripped screens and ensure the areas surrounding windows and doors don’t have any crevices that the cold wind or an unwelcome pest could penetrate.

Even though most homeowners think they’re doing everything they can to protect their residence from bugs, insects can still find their way inside and cause problems. If residents are finding pests in their home during this chilly time of year, it could be  because they are failing to properly inspect their firewood, in which the bugs are hitching a ride inside on wood stored in the backyard.

Pests can lurk in firewood
On an autumn day, it may seem like a great idea to grab some wood from the yard, and enjoy a warm fire to ward off the seasonal chill. However, the lumber homeowners are bringing inside could be covered with insects, and if it’s not checked properly before being brought inside, it could result in a pest infestation. As the holiday season approaches, many homeowners may be expecting guests and not have the time or resources to deal with an insect issue.

There are plenty of unwelcome critters that can hide in firewood, waiting to be brought into a home. Two common ones are box elder bugs and Asian lady beetles, while stink bugs are another problematic pest to look out for.

Avoiding the problem
Those who like to enjoy their fireplace during the fall and winter need to take the proper precautions before bringing any logs into their homes. A single piece of wood could contain unwelcome pests that could pose a threat to a home.

Most homeowners don’t chop their own wood, preferring to purchase it elsewhere. Being a responsible buyer is critical to preventing bug issues, so residents need to be prepared to ask questions when making a wood purchase. Buyers should always inquire as to where the wood came from. Some areas are infested with insects that live in firewood, and bringing those pests home can threaten an entire yard once the weather warms up.

Accidentally bringing wood covered with bugs into a home can also cause problems – especially if the logs are covered in stinkbugs, which can be a real nuisance to homeowners. If some unwelcome critters do manage to get into a home, it’s important to call pest control professionals to handle the situation.

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