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Rodents abound on east coast

Posted On: 10/19/2012

Residents on the East Coast appear to be dealing with large numbers of rodents these days. From college students to working professionals, it seems that many are unable to escape the pests that are plaguing urban areas, and plenty of people are fed up with the mice or rats they're discovering in their homes.

Rodents on the rise
People living in the Boston area are becoming concerned with the number of rats invading their neighborhoods, while the critters are also making their way into homes and businesses. Aside from coming indoors, they're also making nests, holes and burrows in backyards and open spaces.

Busy neighborhoods around Boston aren't the only areas seeing large rodent populations. The Harvard Crimson reported that students around Cambridge are also finding more rodent infestations than usual. Students claim to have found rodents all over campus, both inside and out. They've also been spreading to the local train station.

The Harvard Crimson referenced local pest control expert George Williams who said the large rodent population is because the Greater Boston is a very old urban area.

"There are tunnels that lead to tunnels that lead to even more tunnels that we don't even know about," he said to the paper.

New York City is also having a problem with rodents, and one resident is taking advantage of the issue to exercise his terriers, some of whom were bred for ratting in the past. He has the dogs chase down the rodents, even if they don't catch many, New York NBC affiliate WNBC reported.

People in the Boston area are dealing with the pests in more traditional ways – by setting traps, keeping their homes and gardens free from resources rodents need and by calling exterminators if the problem gets out of hand.

Keeping rodents at bay
There's nothing more startling for a homeowner than finding a rodent lurking in a corner of their home. While mice and rats typically aren't very aggressive, their presence can still be dangerous. They can carry diseases, contaminate food and reproduce quickly, making it essential to get rid of the critters before the problem gets out of control or a family member falls ill. Residents who notice signs of an infestation shouldn't hesitate to contact pest control professionals who can handle the situation and rid a home of rodents.

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