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The ant days of summer

Posted On: 08/25/2014

The sticky, sultry days of summer are here in the ATL… some call them the Dog Days of Summer. But dogs are not the only ones that enjoy the summer months. Ants in particular thrive during the summer season. Their activity increases with the availability of both sugary and natural foods. To celebrate the Ant Days of Summer, we bring you some importANT information regarding Americas most annoying household pest.

What kind of ant likes math? An accountANT!

Although we have yet to see an ant helping you with your math homework, ants are truly capable of becoming a serious pest around your home. Odorous house ants are known to contaminate food sources; fire ants attack with a painful sting to humans when disturbed; crazy ants can swarm and destroy electronics; and carpenter ants can cause severe property and structural damage as they tunnel through wood to build nests. Call Truly Nolen today to properly identify the kind of ant that is in your home, the first step in an effective removal.

What do you call an ant that likes to be left alone? IndependANT!

Although funny, ants are not truly independANT. Ants are social insects that live in colonies. They regularly work together to ensure the survival of the species. One example of this can be seen in your kitchen during the summer season when it seems like ants will go after anything. The scout ant goes in search of food, and once he finds a potential source, lays down a pheromone trail that alerts the entire colony. That is why you can see one ant in your kitchen one day, and many more the next day. Getting rid of the food source is the number one deterrANT. You may need to go searching for a single, stray Cheerio that rolled under your refrigerator and has since attracted an army of ants. Though it may seem tedious, eliminating the food source is a sure-fire way to eliminate the ants. Keep food in airtight containers. Clean common areas immediately after cooking or eating.

Where do ants go on vacation? FrANTS!

Unfortunately for Atlanta homeowners, these sneaky critters can march into your home and never leave. Since ants are tiny, they can find thousands of entry points into your home. They can infest all levels of your home and any unsealed morsel of food. Ants come inside because they’re attracted to your sources of food and water. Excluding them from entering your home is your first line of defense to keep them out of your home. Use caulk to seal any windows, doors, and any holes or cracks that the ants crawl through. Fix leaky faucets and eliminate other sources of water for ants such as around the air conditioner.

Dont let your ant infestation become permanANT. Call Truly Nolen Atlanta today for a free inspection. Our pest control professionals can help you implement an action plan to keep your home ant free.

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