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What’s the buzz, Atlanta?

Posted On: 09/15/2015

Yes, bugs can be creepy and crawly, but bugs are an important part of life. From food to flowers, from bug myths to bug snacks, heres the buzz on Atlantas bugs!

Beneficial Bugs

How do bugs help the environment? Do they improve our lives? There are many ways that bugs are beneficial to the environment and to us. First of all, theyre a food source around the world. Bugs have had a huge influence on the economic world as they have created valuable products: most silk comes from silkworms, for example. Bugs of all kinds have a unique responsibility: they keep nature in balance in many ways, including by breaking down and disposing of dead animals and plants.

Debunking Myths

A common myth about bed bugs is that only dirty homes attract the little critters. Not so; bed bugs are attracted to clean homes as well as homes that are more cluttered. Theyre attracted to your body heat, blood, and the air you breathe. In contrast to their name, bed bugs dont just make their homes in beds: they can be found in chairs and couches, as well as stuffed toys. Similarly, love bugs those tiny, flying couples that show up on your windshield in spring and summer werent created by an accidental experiment from the University of Florida. And you know that gross old wives tale that we accidentally swallow several spiders a year as we sleep? Theres no truth to that, so open-mouthed sleepers can breathe a (spider-free!) sigh of relief.

Brunching Bugs

What do bugs eat? Bed bugs, one of the top bugs in Atlanta, can live for most of the year without a meal, just about ten months, according to sources. (But if they come to your house to eat, give us a call!) While some bugs can only eat specific plants, others enjoy devouring a variety of plants, flowers, and even decaying creatures.

Edible Bugs

In many parts of Southeast Asia, spiders and ants are snacks. According to sources, there are almost 2,000 edible bugs and thats a good thing. Theyre high in protein and low in fat and cholesterol. A handful of American companies many based in California- are slowly introducing bugs into the food market as an alternative protein source.

Bug Homes

Almost 100% of bug homes are found on land. However, some such as dragonflies live in water until theyre adults; once they reach maturity, they fly away. Insects live pretty much everywhere on the earths surface.

Communicating Critters

Bugs communicate in a variety of ways. Like us, they can communicate through touch and visual signal and because many insects cant see very well, they rely on other ways to communicate. Many insects talk through their antennae or through sound. Some insects, such as fireflies, signal the start of the mating process by flashing light at each other; some butterflies use colors of their wings to find a mate, while others talk through pheromones to find a mate or even to send out warning signals.

Bugs are an important part of our environment. They provide beauty and even food, all while keeping nature in balance. However not all bugs are welcome, Truly Nolen Atlanta can help you decipher between the two, call 678-561-2847for an inspection.

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