Africanized Honey Bees

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Africanized Honey Bees Facts

  • Venom of Africanized honey bees is no stronger than that of other bees but they often attack in greater numbers and with more intensity.
  • They see dark colors as threats.
  • Bees tend to sting heads and hands more often.

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Africanized Honey Bee Stings & Treatment

Because Africanized bees sting ten times more per victim than non-aggressive honey bees and tend to attract more attackers per victim, if you are attacked, seek shelter in an enclosed building or a vehicle. Once inside the enclosed area, do not lock the doors as other people may be seeking shelter as well. Bees tend to sting heads and hands, so cover your mouth to avoid airway stings.

For more than 10 to 12 stings or symptoms including extreme pain and itching, to rapid swelling around the eyes, ears, tongue and throat seek medical attention immediately.

In addition to severe itching and noticeable swelling, other indicators of developing anaphylactic shock include:

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