European Honey Bees

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European Honey Bees Facts

  • European Honey bees live in very structured social colonies with one queen bee.
  • They can only sting once as they die after they sting.

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How to Get Rid of European Honey Bees

While European honey bee populations are steadily increasing, since the control and elimination of factors responsible for colony collapse disorder and other initiatives to save the European honey bee prevailed, sometimes feral honey bee colonies need to be eliminated when they encroach on the safety of humans and their pets.

Relocating the honey bees to a professional beekeeper’s domain, as eco-conscious and animal friendly as that sounds, presents several problems as most feral honey bee colonies don’t adapt well to relocation.

The safest thing to do when European honey bees or any other bees is to contact your local Truly Nolen location to schedule a free bee inspection and determine the safest way to eliminate bees while maintaining an even keel on the home front.

After inspecting your property, our certified and trained technicians will remove the bees and eradicate the colony, with our innovative people and pet friendly Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach. After eradicating the colony, Truly Nolen specialists monitor your home for any sign of honey bee activity. Your Truly Nolen professionals also offer hive removal services and other prevention measures, such as non-intrusive pheromone-based scout traps that attract and trap scout bees. When scout bees don’t return to direct honey bee colonies to your home, your chances of a European honey bee infestation are greatly reduced.

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