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Gnat Facts

  • Gnats are not immature stages of flies, but rather tiny adult flying insects.
  • Most household gnats come from eggs deposited in damp soil, such as over-watered potted plants.
  • Gnats do not sting and only female gnats bite.

Gnat Infestation

Most household gnats come from eggs deposited in damp soil, such as potted houseplants. Fungus gnats and window or wood gnats can reproduce rapidly, creating cause for concern, as gnats flying near humans can be swallowed or fly into eyes, noses and ears. Sources of moisture draw gnats to places in your home. Over-watered houseplants, for example, can attract fungus gnats. Often, it can prove difficult to determine the source of gnats that fly around in your bathroom or kitchen.

Swarming can have economic consequences for commercial properties
Male gnat mating ritual swarms at dusk are known as ghosts and large swarms can be disconcerting. The most concerning thing is that because gnats reproduce at amazingly fast rates, ghosts can cause economic impacts for commercial businesses with outdoor venues. Tourists will be less likely to choose places to visit if they have experienced gnat problems in the past. And there’s America’s fascination with Internet reviews that could spell disaster for a known gnat-ridden travel location.

While there are many DIY methods to get rid of gnats, Truly Nolen does not control gnat infestations in the larval state in your interior house plants. However, they can inspect your home and suggest a convenient schedule for an ongoing defense against adult stage gnats. Additionally, we may suggest that customers consult with a local plant nursery to have your soil treated as well. Contact your Truly Nolen location and ask about our Four Seasons plan to protect your home and family from household pests throughout the year.

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