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Grub Facts

  • Typically, Grubs are 1½ inches in length.
  • Grubs are pale white in color.

What Are Grubs?

Springtime growth brings out the lawn pests. These pests persist over the summer months. Make sure mulch is no more than 2 inches thick and at least 12 inches back from the foundation.


  • Grubs inflict severe damage to a lawn by devouring or severing its grass roots;
  • They are the "C" shaped larvae of beetles;
  • They feed on the fibrous root system of turf during spring and fall months;
  • Moles and other small animals will also cause damage by foraging for grubs in your lawn;
  • Grubs are the small pale white larvae of beetles that develop in the ground, attacking the roots of plants. Thriving mostly in the spring and fall, when adult beetles lay their eggs and the immature grubs are first born. They borrow themselves in the roots and build a small network of tunnels across the roots of plants in a garden or landscaping;
  • Grubs are the larvae of beetles, and are normally in the ground for a few weeks before they fully develop into a beetle at which point the grub will begin to go above ground. Grubs are typically found in the soil of a nutrient rich area with plant materials heavily stocked. Grubs do not transmit diseases, but do cause a great deal of destruction to gardens and lawns;

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