American Roaches

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American Roach Facts

  • Typically American Roaches are 2 inches in length.
  • American Roaches are reddish brown in color.
  • Also known as Palmetto or Flying Water Bug; American Roaches are the largest of the roach species.
  • American Roaches are attracted to sweets, grains, hair and soap and often are found in the foundation of homes, under wood and near moisture sources.

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How to Get Rid of American Roaches

American cockroaches can move from one building to the next during the summer, entering through cracks in foundations, around loose-fitting doors or windows, and along water and gas pipes. Seal openings with putty or plastic wood. Inspect sacks, cartons and boxes, etc., brought into the home and destroy any roaches. Sanitation is critical in roach control. Clean up spilled foods and liquids, avoid leaving scraps of food on unwashed dishes and counter tops, store food in tightly sealed containers, rinse cans and bottles before putting in trash.

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