Brown-Banded Roaches

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Brown-Banded Roach Facts

  • Brown-banded cockroaches are known to spread bacteria, parasitic worms and other human pathogens.
  • Among the most popular of roach species in the US.
  • Adult males are ½ inch long and have fully functional wings they’ll use when disturbed.

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Brown-Banded Roach Bites and Treatment

Small, nocturnal and non-aggressive, brown-banded cockroaches aren’t known to sting or bite humans or pets but they do present other health concerns. Carriers of more than 30 types of disease-causing bacteria, brown-banded cockroaches also carry six species of parasitic worms and at least seven other pathogens that affect humans. Additionally, according to recent medical research, brown-banded cockroaches are thought to contribute to allergies and can exacerbate asthma issues, particularly in children.

Brown-banded cockroaches can also cause gastrointestinal issues
Because bacteria and other germs stick to brown-banded cockroaches’ legs as they crawl through decaying, decomposing materials and sewage, these small cockroaches, come into contact with bacteria that can cause gastrointestinal issues, such as gastroenteritis and diarrhea after they crawl into your pantry and infect food products.

Contact a pest professional to schedule a free pest inspection
If you or your loved ones are experiencing unfounded allergic reactions, more frequent asthma attacks or undetermined gastrointestinal issues, contact a trusted pest professional, such as Truly Nolen to schedule a free inspection to identify if brown-banded cockroaches, or other cockroaches, are in your home. Because control for brown-banded cockroaches differs from control methods and materials for other cockroaches, homeowners are advised to leave your cockroach and other household pest issues to your local Truly Nolen location.

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