Brown-Banded Roaches

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Brown-Banded Roach Facts

  • Brown-banded cockroaches are known to spread bacteria, parasitic worms and other human pathogens.
  • Among the most popular of roach species in the US.
  • Adult males are ½ inch long and have fully functional wings they’ll use when disturbed.

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How to Get Rid of Brown-Banded Roaches

Brown-banded cockroaches, or any type of cockroach, in your home causes stress for everyone in your family. Known carriers of over 33 disease-causing bacteria, six species of parasitic worms and other types of human pathogens, brown-banded cockroach infestations should be addressed by a trusted pest professional, such as Truly Nolen, as correct identification makes a world of difference in control measures.
Pest control techniques that work on other types of roaches are, in general, not effective for brown-banded cockroaches because they exhibit different living habits. Consult your local Truly Nolen location to schedule a free inspection today.

Truly Nolen’s innovative IPM system utilizes a people and pet friendly combination of techniques, methods and materials
Your Truly Nolen technician’s brown-banded cockroach control plan may be as simple as sealing cracks and crevices around the foundation of your home, as well as around windows and doors and other potential cockroach entryways. Your Truly Nolen professional may use people and pet friendly baits and other non-toxic chemical measures to eliminate brown-banded cockroaches from your home and property. Our innovative Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system utilizes technology, best practices and materials that keep your home and family safe.

Prevention measures can make you home less attractive to pests
To prevent brown-banded cockroaches in your home, cleanliness and sanitation play a crucial role. Keeping all food areas wiped down and food-free, dishes cleaned, dried goods stored in air-tight glass, metal or hard plastic containers and all areas vacuumed or swept goes a long way in making your home unattractive to brown-banded cockroaches and other household pests.

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