Florida Wood Roaches

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Florida Wood Roach Facts

  • Typically, Florida Wood Roaches are 1¼-1½ inches in length.
  • Florida Wood Roaches are a dark brown to black in color.
  • Primarily, Florida Wood Roaches are found outdoors in thick vegetation and debris such as wood piles, leaf litter and ground cover.

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Florida Wood Roach Health Concerns

One of the reasons that people dislike palmetto bugs and other cockroaches so much is that they are known to spread disease. If they get into food, they can contaminate it and make the people who eat it sick. The chemical spray that this species emits can also get on dishes and kitchen utensils, as can roach feces, which contain pheromones that attract more roaches. Some people are also allergic to these bugs; the symptoms of an allergic reaction can include a rash, asthma, itchy eyes, and a sore throat.

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