Florida Wood Roaches

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Florida Wood Roach Facts

  • Typically, Florida Wood Roaches are 1¼-1½ inches in length.
  • Florida Wood Roaches are a dark brown to black in color.
  • Primarily, Florida Wood Roaches are found outdoors in thick vegetation and debris such as wood piles, leaf litter and ground cover.

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Florida Wood Roach Infestation

The Florida woods cockroach feeds primarily on dead or dying plant matter and can typically be found outdoors in stable sheltered areas such as cavities in trees or stumps, leaf litters, or woodpiles. It prefers damp locations, lots of moisture, and does well in warm climates. Around the house, this species prefers the areas around the base of coconut and palm trees and other shaded areas.

This species also shows no preferences for consuming urban waste or debris. As a result, the species tends to prefer to remain in wooded areas and are usually found in areas around the home only when they are looking for protection from sunlight or foraging for food. Because of these feeding habits, the species does not generally benefit from invading urban dwellings and this species has not been shown to commonly colonize inside structures. Its presence in the home is typically a result of being transported indoors on another item, such as firewood. As its name suggests, it is found mostly outdoors in wooded areas and is not considered a major pest in the home.

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