Florida Wood Roaches

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Florida Wood Roach Facts

  • Typically, Florida Wood Roaches are 1¼-1½ inches in length.
  • Florida Wood Roaches are a dark brown to black in color.
  • Primarily, Florida Wood Roaches are found outdoors in thick vegetation and debris such as wood piles, leaf litter and ground cover.

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How to Get Rid of Florida Wood Roaches

Though they are generally found outdoors, the Florida woods cockroach can become indoor problems when they enter human habitats through open windows and doors in search of warmth or are brought inside on firewood. Inside homes, these insects can be found in bathrooms or basements and are particularly attracted to leaking pipes. While an infestation of this cockroach species is unlikely, it is best to take steps to prevent their entry to your home. Often, removal of these outdoor cockroaches from the house is all that is needed for control.

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