Formosan Termites

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Formosan Termite Facts

  • Formosan termites are subterranean termites, preferring to live in large colonies underground.
  • They measure about 1/8 -1/4 inch in length with two sets of wings that are about the same size.
  • They are known to swarm in the morning or early evening, often after rain in the spring.

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How to Get Rid of Formosan Termites

Ideally, your home’s foundation and structural timbers are protected by a professional chemical barrier application in the soil around your home. Because Formosan subterranean termites are more aggressive and can destroy structures in just a matter of months, Truly Nolen suggests contacting your local pest professional at the first inkling of termite activity.

Since a home is a serious investment and because performing a termite job requires a lot of knowledge about termites, home construction, application methods and products, termite work is something best left to the professionals. Especially due to the rapid damage done by Formosan termites, it is best to contact a trained professional such as Truly Nolen.

On the front lines in the battle against Formosan termites

While entomologists and termite specialists continue to develop more effective, people- and pet-friendly baits, in addition to other IPM practices and protocols against subterranean termites, researchers are exploring other subterranean termite control methods, including treating lumber with naturally occurring termite repellent treatments and introducing predators from the Formosan termite’s native environments to control these destructive pests.

Contact Truly Nolen to set up a free termite inspection today and get the termite protection and solutions you need to stop aggressive subterranean Formosan termites.

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