Bean Weevils

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Bean Weevil Facts

  • Bean weevils range in size from 3.5 to 5 mm.
  • Bean weevils cause extensive damage to live bean plants, dry stored beans and other grains.

Bean Weevil Bites/Stings & Treatment

Bean weevils do not pose threats to human or animal health as they do not bite or sting, but do cause extensive damage to live bean plants and dry stored beans, resulting in expensive losses in crops and food supplies. While they do contaminate more food than they eat, bean weevils don’t cause allergic reactions or transmit diseases and dangerous pathogens. In fact, instead of defending themselves, when disturbed in fields, bean weevils pretend to be dead and drop from plants onto the ground.

Bean weevil elimination should be handled by professionals
Eliminating bean weevils flying around your home or collecting on walls and windowsills or in pots and pans in your cabinets can be challenging, as insecticides aren’t recommended near food. Vacuuming bean weevils and making sure that you deposit the contents outside your home can help eliminate the bean weevils you can see, but won’t get to the heart of your bean weevil infestation. Removing contaminated dried bean products and sanitizing dry storage areas can help eliminate bean weevils. To eliminate all household pests, contact a professional pest control company to identify pests and devise a plan to eliminate them. Contact Truly Nolen today to schedule a free pest inspection or schedule one online.

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