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Truly Tips - Mosquitoes

Save on fast, effective mosquito control services in Abilene.

Mosquitoes are common pests that are found in many areas of the world. There are over 3,000 different species of mosquitoes, with 176 of these species found in the United States. While mosquitoes range in size, they are not typically larger than 3/5 inches. They have thin bodies made up of three sections and they have two wings.

Mosquitoes live in a variety of habitats, but they are mainly concentrated near sources of standing water. This standing water is necessary to reproduction because mosquito eggs need water in order to hatch. Some species lay their eggs in standing water, while other simply lay their eggs in moist soil and then hatch once the soil is flooded with water. These "floodwater" species lay eggs in the fall that can survive through the winter and then hatch once spring showers flood their habits. One female mosquito can lay up to 200 eggs at a time, which can allow for an infestation to quickly get out of hand.

Many people believe that the reason mosquitoes bite humans is because they need to feed on human blood, but this is not true. Mosquitoes feed on plant nectar, much like bees. Female mosquitoes suck blood in order to help with the development of their eggs prior to laying them. Male mosquitoes do not feed on blood at all. Although mosquitoes can be very annoying to humans and, at times, dangerous because of their ability to carry and transmit diseases, they play an important role in the ecosystem because they serve as a food source for many organisms.

Where do mosquitoes hide:

  • Standing water, such as ponds, basins, birdbaths, buckets, or other small objects.
  • Dampness, like tree holes, flowerbeds, rock holes, sprinkler heads, or shady areas.
  • Dormant sites, like patios, building eaves, gazebos, porches, or decks.

Truly Nolen of Abilene's Mosquito Program will eliminate mosquitoes on your property, then lay down a barrier treatment to keep them from coming back for weeks. Here's how our program works:

Step 1- Inspection. An inspection of the property combined with an in-person interview helps our trained inspector or service technician decided the right type of treatment for your environment.

Step 2 - Dormant Sites. We begin by treating locations and hidden spots around your yard where mosquitoes breed. This eliminates the larvae that would have grown into adult mosquitoes.

Step 3 - Active Sites. Next, we treat the entire property to eliminate the adult mosquitoes.

Step 4 - Barrier Treatment. Lastly, we then focus on preventing mosquitoes from coming back. This is accomplished with a barrier treatment. This is a residual materials strives to kill new mosquitoes when they land in your yard.

Step 5 - Programmable Misting Machine. This optional step involves the installation of a programmable misting machine, which aides in reducing adult mosquito populations.

Did you know?

  • Mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors.
  • Only female mosquitoes bite, males eat nectar.
  • An individual's body chemistry has a big influence on where a mosquito is attracted to the person.
  • An estimated one million people die every year from a mosquito-born disease.

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Mosquito Species

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Mosquito Mist Blow Service
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Mosquito Ornamental Bed Service
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Anopheles Mosquito
Asian Tiger Mosquito
Mosquito Mist Blow Service
Mosquito Ornamental Bed Service
Anopheles Mosquito
Asian Tiger Mosquito
Mosquito Mist Blow Service
Mosquito Ornamental Bed Service

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