Carpenter Bees

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Carpenter Bee Facts

  • Typically Carpenter Bees are 18 to 20mm in length.
  • Adult Carpenter Bees resemble a bumble bee, except the abdomen is almost hairless and is a metallic blue-black color.

Bee Photos

Nesting habits in wood and structural timbers give the carpenter bee its name. Often confused with bumblebees because of their size and coloring, carpenter bees are known to make appearances outside of homes and in gardens during the late spring and early summer months. Indeed, given the 500 or so species spread across the globe, many popular references to bumblebees actually refer to this less-hairy cousin.

Both genders of carpenter bee are relatively harmless unless provoked, with males being more aggressive but lacking stingers. Unfortunately, due to their burrowing habits in wood, the bees can cause damage to structures if allowed to continue unchecked. In some species, sisters and daughters may overtake a single structure leading to more extensive tunneling and subsequent damage.

Bee Videos

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