Bottle Flies

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Bottle Flies Facts

  • The bottle fly is drawn to recently deceased animal and human carcasses.
  • It has a distinctive, shiny, green, blue and black metallic body and emits loud, noticeable buzzing sounds in flight.
  • Bottle flies are more concentrated in the Pacific region, particularly California and Australia.

Fly Photos

How to Get Rid of Bottle Flies

Bottle flies in your home are adult flies that are growing to maturity nearby due to the presence of a breeding source. Because bottle flies require a considerable amount of protein to develop, recently deceased animal matter makes ideal breeding grounds. Female bottle flies, capable of depositing over 2,000 eggs in their lifetimes can set the stage for many bottle fly populations.

Locating and removing bottle fly breeding sources is essential
While the source of bottle fly infestations may be a recently deceased animal in or around your home, such as birds or rodents, your trash receptacle and compost piles can be likely culprits as well. Locating and removing dead animals, as well as keeping trash receptacles with meat scraps tightly sealed will eliminate the source of bottle fly infestations.

Adult bottle flies create the potential for disease
Controlling adult bottle flies should be left to pest control professionals, as commercial insecticides are ineffective and adult bottle flies, landing in waste products, other disease-ridden environments and then on your food create the potential for a number of diseases, including dysentery, typhus and cholera.

Because adult bottle flies are challenging to control and pose health threats to humans, contact your local Truly Nolen location to schedule a free pest inspection and discuss our innovative Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system. It uses a variety of naturally occurring materials, whenever possible to keep your home and family environmentally healthy and pest-free.

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