Fruit Flies

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Fruit Fly Facts

  • Female Fruit Flies are generally 2.5 mm long and the males are slightly smaller.
  • Female Fruit Flies can lay around 400 eggs in a reproduction cycle.

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

Placing all fruit and vegetables in the refrigerator and thoroughly cleaning all counters, tables, and cutting boards is the first line of killing off a fruit fly infestation. Trash cans should be clean and have airtight lids and food in cupboards and pantries should be kept in airtight containers. Standing water behind kitchen faucets should be kept cleared and drains and garbage compactors should be kept clean of sticky debris and bacteria. While fruit flies are normally infested in fruit, because they are attracted to sugary food sources they are capable of breeding in liquid such as soda or alcohol so keeping spills cleaned up and glasses rinsed out is yet another line of defense against the fruit fly.

Additional Information

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