Clothing Moths

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Clothing Moth Facts

  • Clothing Moths are 12 millimeters in length.
  • Clothing Moths are silvery-brown wings with reddish head.

How to Get Rid of Clothing Moths

Dealing with an infestation may be difficult as the larvae do not always stay near their original hatching point and may have traveled throughout the home to find food sources. A thorough housecleaning and investigation of closets, carpets, and stored boxes may help to identify the sources of your infestation. Rid your home of infected items if they are damaged beyond use or for washable fabrics that must be saved, a thorough cleansing in hot water can kill off the pests at all life stages. If you still see signs of infestation after cleaning, you may require some form of insecticide to rid yourself of the problem. Large scale infestations may require the services of a pest control professional to eliminate the problem. Once rid of the infestation, keep up good housecleaning routines and be sure to store fabrics only after they have been thoroughly washed so that the clothing moth larvae find them less attractive as food sources.

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