Clothing Moths

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Clothing Moth Facts

  • Clothing Moths are 12 millimeters in length.
  • Clothing Moths are silvery-brown wings with reddish head.

What Are Clothing Moths?

Although clothing moths are native to Europe and Asia, global travel has introduced them to the rest of the world so that they are now found almost anywhere. As for habitats, they thrive in dark, moist areas where the newly hatched caterpillars can find moist fabrics to eat. In particular, clothing closets, carpeting with some moisture, attics and similar areas are ideal locations for them to live and reproduce.

After hatching, the larvae begin their quest for food and that is when they cause the damage to fibers and produce items in the home. This stage can last from a couple of months to a couple of years before the caterpillar forms and enters a cocoon to transform to an adult moth in about a month. The larvae of the clothing moth are cream-colored and can be up to ½ inch in length. The adults tend to be slightly darker than the larva with more of a beige color and are about the same length as the larvae.

Additional Information

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