Hobo Spiders

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Spider Facts

  • Considered predators, spiders eat other insects, small lizards and baby birds.
  • Spiders rarely bite humans unless their nests or webs are disturbed.

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Hobo Spider Infestation

While hobo spider bites aren’t poisonous, like originally thought, some sources say their bites can cause necrotic lesions, like brown recluse spiders. Additionally, although hobo spiders help control insects in your home, most homeowners aren’t exactly in love with the idea of stumbling upon these extremely protective funnel web spiders in their dark, low-traffic areas like basements, storage sheds and around their home’s foundation.

An increase in spider activity occurs in late summer, although some reports say that hobo spiders reproduce in two-year cycles. At any rate or interval of cycles, late summer means this is the time of year when spiders mate, reproduce and deposit egg sacs before the cold weather kills them or causes them to go dormant for the winter. Some hobo spiders can be found outdoors under woodpiles and rocks near your home. Removing debris from around your home can help prevent hobo spiders from infesting your property.

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