Mud Dauber Wasps

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Mud Dauber Wasps Facts

  • While different species vary in appearance, mud daubers are generally 1 inch in length.
  • Mud dauber wasps are solitary and do not form social colonies.
  • Mud dauber wasps help to control spiders in general.

How to Get Rid of Mud Dauber Wasps

As with all flying, stinging insects, commercially available insecticides may affect some wasps but not others. Spraying your property with insecticides may not get rid of the intended target and may also affect other beneficial insects and pose health threats to kids, the elderly and sensitive people prone to allergic reactions.

Mud daubers prey on dangerous brown and black widow spiders
Even though mud dauber wasps don’t typically show aggression to humans, trying to eliminate them yourself can be a dangerous thing to attempt. Also, if you live in black or brown widow spider prone-areas, you may want to weigh your options. If you are concerned about venomous spider bites, you may want to reconsider eliminating your mud dauber wasp situation. Because they generally build their nests on elevated surfaces and rarely sting, the benefits to keeping mud daubers around, may outweigh the idea of eliminating mud daubers.

Trust your mud dauber concerns to a professional pest control company
If you decide to eliminate the mud dauber nest from your property, Truly Nolen suggests contacting a professional pest control company to remove mud dauber wasp nests and other flying nuisance insect hives and nests from your property.

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