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Desert Termite Bites and Treatement

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Do Desert Termites Bite?

Although termites possess the ability to bite humans, they aren’t known to do so unless their colonies are threatened. Soldier termites, larger than workers and reproductive, are equipped with mandibles to protect the queen and the colony from threats and predators and will bite in the line of duty.

Also, desert termites live underground and cannot survive in the desert above ground. Desert termites, like most termites, are slow moving and since desert termites do not infest structures, they aren’t likely to come into contact with many humans. On the range and in grasslands, workers who may come into contact with desert termites should wear work shoes or boots and be dressed for the desert with very little skin exposed.

If, by some chance you happen to be bitten by desert termites, the only sensation you may experience is itching as the bites heal. Avoid scratching termite bites, as this could lead to a secondary infection and require professional medical attention. Contact a pest professional, such as Truly Nolen if you are experiencing bites from unknown sources in your home. Your local Truly Nolen technicians will perform a free pest inspection to determine if your bites are caused by some biting insect in your home.

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Desert Termites
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Desert Termites
Desert Termite Swarmers
Desert Termite Damage
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