Common Furniture Beetles

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Common Furniture Beetle Facts

  • Common furniture beetles have an average life span of up to 4 years.
  • In the larval stage, they are white ¼” grub-like insects that attack wood.
  • Adult furniture beetles have ¼” brown bodies but they don’t consume wood.

Beetle Photos

How to Get Rid of Common Furniture Beetles

Ideally, the best way to avoid common furniture beetle infestations is prevention. However, controlling the journey of your home’s structural timbers as well as your wooden flooring may not be as transparent as you might think. Or you might live in an older home that becomes infested through firewood storage or the introduction of other wooden products into your home.

Common furniture beetles will infest damp wood if given the opportunity. Inspecting crawlspaces, wooden siding, windowsills and any place moisture may be collecting in your older home can help avoid common furniture beetle infestations.

Homeowners suspecting common furniture beetle activity, such as the evidence of 1/8” holes in wood and “frass,” sawdust piles created by common furniture beetle pupae boring through wood, are advised to contact a professional pest control company. Not common household pests, these wood boring insects require the attention of a trained and knowledgeable pest control company to determine which specific beetle species is infesting your home and to perform effective, eco-friendly IPM protocols. Commercially available pesticides may get rid of the adult common furniture beetles, but will not affect the other stages of beetles buried in your home’s wood.

Second only to termites, some wood boring beetles can cause as much damage, but the process is slower than with termites. Still, contacting trusted pest control professionals, such as Truly Nolen can go a long way in eliminating common furniture beetles and preventing future infestations. Contact us today for a free pest inspection to determine a plan of action for your home’s specific needs.

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