False Powder Post Beetles

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False Powder Post Beetle Facts

  • False powder post beetle adults range from 1⁄8 to 1⁄4 inch in size.
  • Sawdust piles left behind by false powder post beetles are known as “frass.”
  • Adult female false powder post beetles dig tunnels in wood to lay their eggs.

Beetle Photos

False Powder Post Beetle Bites and Treatment

With as many as four to eight million beetle species globally, beetles generally aren’t prone to biting or stinging. Although most beetles are equipped with jaws and the ability to bite, most species are non-aggressive and generally not interested in attacking humans. Because false powder post beetles don’t possess venom or the jaw strength to break human skin, they are not considered health threats to people or pets.

Because false powder post beetles are challenging to locate and identify with the untrained eye, trust the skilled, professional insights of your local Truly Nolen location. Contact Truly Nolen for your peace of mind. Schedule a free pest inspection and devise a plan, if needed, to eliminate powder post beetles from your home today!

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