Grain Beetles

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Grain Beetle Facts

  • Grain Beetles are 1.6mm in length.
  • Grain Beetles are reddish brown in color.

Beetle Photos

What Are Grain Beetles?

Grain beetles have a reddish-brown, flattened body, and they're usually about a tenth of an inch in length. On both sides of a grain beetle's body or thorax, there are six projections that are shaped like the teeth of a saw. A grain beetle's eggs are microscopic and colored white. The full-grown larvae are usually an eighth of an inch in length. Grain beetles are known to cause problems in commercial facilities and homes. A typical grain beetle is 2.5 up to 3 mm in length and can be identified by its flat body. The tiny projections on a grain beetle are always located behind its head. Although a magnifying glass is required to truly see what they look like, the tiny projections are what give the grain beetle its name.

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