Red Bugs

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Red Bug Facts

  • Red Bugs are 1/20 inch long and bright red.
  • Red Bugs are a type of red harvest mite often referred to as a "Chigger".
  • Chiggers do not actually "bite," but instead form a hole in the skin that leaves a small, red itchy welt, sometimes with a white center. The itching welts can last up to a week.

What Are Red Bugs?

Harvest mites are part of a large and widely distributed family of mites whose nymphs and adults feed on early stages of small arthropods but whose larvae include the chiggers and are parasites on terrestrial vertebrates. In their larval stage, they attach to various animals, including humans and other animals such as pets, and feed on skin, often causing itching. These relatives of ticks are nearly microscopic, measuring 0.4 mm (1/100 of an inch) and have a chrome-orange hue. The larval stage of the mite is the only parasitic stage. Chigger mites are small (1/20 to 1/64 inch long), orange, yellow or light red (usually bright red), and have hairy bodies. The larval stage has six legs, while adult and nymph mite stages have eight. Adult and nymphs are bright red, while the larvae are orange, yellow, or light red. Adult mites are 1/20 inch long.

Additional Information

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