Horse Flies

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Horse Fly Facts

  • Horse Flies are ¾ to 1½ inches in length.
  • Horse Flies are black with bright eyes and clear wings.

The horsefly is an insect that has a reputation in many different countries. In some locations, the horsefly is called a clag, breeze fly or deer fly. Horse flies regularly attack both humans and animals, and upon biting, the horsefly feasts on the blood of its victim. The reason why horse flies are so dangerous is because they can easily transmit diseases.

A female is just like a mosquito because it requires a blood meal that is filled with protein, and it must feast before it's able to reproduce. Certain varieties of horsefly are incredibly large while other varieties are the size of a typical housefly. In most cases, the horsefly is viewed as a nasty pest, despite the fact that it pollinates flowers.

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