Asian Tiger Mosquitoes

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Asian Tiger Mosquito Facts

  • Asian tiger mosquitoes are named for their striped bodies, banded legs and aggressive behavior.
  • Measuring 2-11mm, Asian tiger mosquitoes are considered to be the most invasive species of mosquito in the US.
  • Asian tiger mosquitoes can survive the colder temperatures in northern climates.

Asian Tiger Mosquito Bites & Treatment

Asian tiger mosquitoes bite aggressively and are known to carry over 20 different viruses including Zika, West Nile, dengue, yellow fever, chikungunya and two strains of encephalitis. Because these aggressive mosquitoes can live in colder environments, including New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, these mosquitoes pose huge threats to people in 37 states.

Considered the most invasive mosquito species in the US, the CDC is watching closely for outbreaks of new mosquito-borne illnesses to appear. Major outbreaks that, in the past, happened about every ten years are now happening in the course of two or three years.

Asian tiger mosquito breeding grounds should be eliminated
Asian tiger mosquitoes bite in an aggressive fashion and usually bite during the day from dawn to dusk. Because of their distinctive markings and behavior, Asian tiger mosquitoes are easy to identify. If Asian tiger mosquitoes are biting you and your family, it is important to remove their breeding grounds. Preferring to breed in small, manmade objects, flower pots, tires, plastic kids’ toys, corrugated drainpipes, trash cans, trash can lids, upturned patio furniture and anything that can hold a small amount of undisturbed water make ideal breeding grounds for these tiny pests that don’t fly more than 100-200 feet from their breeding areas.

Unless you live in a mosquito-borne illness zone, you probably won’t contract an Asian tiger mosquito disease
If you live in a mosquito-borne disease region or if mosquito bites are accompanied by fever, aches and pains, headaches, vomiting or if you develop any other symptoms such as an unexplained rash, seek medical attention immediately. Most mosquito diseases can be treated in the US.

Most Asian mosquitoes in the US haven’t caused serious outbreaks of diseases yet, so you will probably only experience Asian mosquitoes’ nasty little bites, followed by raised, itchy bumps, that can be treated with topical solutions and anti-histamines. While most people aren’t allergic to mosquito bites, some are more sensitive to mosquito bites, displayed by larger welts than normally experienced in other victims.

Because Asian tiger mosquitoes can be legitimate threats to human health as well as nuisance pests, contact a trusted professional pest control service, such as Truly Nolen to schedule a free pest inspection and get rid of household pests.

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