Asian Tiger Mosquitoes

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Asian Tiger Mosquito Facts

  • Asian tiger mosquitoes are named for their striped bodies, banded legs and aggressive behavior.
  • Measuring 2-11mm, Asian tiger mosquitoes are considered to be the most invasive species of mosquito in the US.
  • Asian tiger mosquitoes can survive the colder temperatures in northern climates.

Asian Tiger Mosquito Infestation

If mosquitoes are interrupting your backyard get-togethers by aggressively biting in swarms, especially in the daytime, you probably have an Asian tiger mosquito breeding ground nearby. Preferring small, manmade containers, Asian tiger mosquitoes differ from native mosquitoes that prefer pools of standing water, swamps, bogs and marshes to reproduce. In their native Asian environments, Asian tiger mosquitoes tend to breed in bamboo stalks and inside trees. It has been reported that approximately 300 mosquitos can come from ‘less than’ a few ounces of water.

Asian tiger mosquitoes stay at ground level except when attacking people and animals
Asian tiger mosquitoes can be found under ground cover plants, such as ivy and under decks and shrubbery with organic matter and sediment in small areas of stagnant water.

  • Small, plastic children’s toys with pooling potential
  • Corrugated drainpipes
  • Buckets, pails, trash cans, trash can lids, storage bins and plastic totes
  • Birdbaths
  • Tarps and other plastic covers with folds
  • Patio furniture, especially upturned chairs and tables
  • Planters, especially those with built-in saucers
  • Tires and wheelbarrows
Eliminating Asian tiger breeding grounds can help reduce future populations of these highly irritating, nuisance pests but contending with existing adult mosquitoes can be challenging. While some commercial residual sprays and barrier treatments claim to eliminate Asian tiger mosquitoes, because these mosquitoes carry over 20 viruses including Zika, dengue and two types of encephalitis, you should strongly consider contacting a professional pest control company to eradicate Asian tiger mosquitoes from your property. Contact your local Truly Nolen location to schedule a free pest inspection of your entire property.

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