Asian Tiger Mosquitoes

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Asian Tiger Mosquito Facts

  • Asian tiger mosquitoes are named for their striped bodies, banded legs and aggressive behavior.
  • Measuring 2-11mm, Asian tiger mosquitoes are considered to be the most invasive species of mosquito in the US.
  • Asian tiger mosquitoes can survive the colder temperatures in northern climates.

How to Get Rid of Asian Tiger Mosquitoes

Asian tiger mosquitoes, the most aggressive invasive mosquito in the US, fly only about 100-200 yards from their breeding grounds. If you and your family feel mosquitoes biting you, especially during the day or if mosquitoes follow you into your home or vehicle then these demons are probably Asian tiger mosquitoes and their breeding grounds are nearby.

Checking for breeding grounds around your home in small areas of stagnant water
Unlike our native mosquito species that breed in larger wet areas, such as bogs, marshes and retention ponds, Asian tiger mosquitoes, accustomed to breeding in bamboo stalks and inside trees prefer small, manmade objects, like inside the tires that brought them to this country in 1985. To eliminate breeding grounds on your property, empty water from receptacles around your home, including:

  • Small, plastic kids’ toys
  • Patio furniture, especially upturned chairs and tables
  • Plant containers, especially those with saucers
  • Buckets, pails, watering cans, trash cans and their lids
  • Wheelbarrows
  • Tarps and boat covers

Other breeding grounds can be eliminated by replacing corrugated drainpipes with smooth PVC pipes and by changing birdbath water at least once a week.

After eliminating Asian tiger breeding grounds, adult Asian tiger mosquitoes may still be biting you and your family. While commercial sprays, introducing predatory larvae and performing barrier treatments might take care of your Asian tiger mosquito problem, in time, do you really want to take the time to eliminate the most common disease-spreading mosquito in the known world? For the protection of yourself and your family, please contact a professional pest control company, such as your local Truly Nolen location as soon as possible.

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