Pack Rats

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Pack Rat Facts

  • Pack Rats are 12 to 16 inches in length.
  • Pack Rats are typically gray with a white underside.
  • Usually Pack Rats are found in southern states and desert areas entering homes in the winter to have their offspring.
  • Pack Rats nest in rocky crevices and underground chambers feeding on cactuses and leafy plants.

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Pack Rat Bites & Treatment

Nationally, woodrats are a minor pest. They only occasionally become numerous enough to cause significant agricultural damage. Their stick nests can be extensive, and their presence including droppings objectionable. Therefore, close association with humans is undesirable. In most nuisance situations, prevention and control can be accomplished by the homeowner.

Woodrats can be an important factor in the transmission of certain diseases and parasites such as fleas. Most notably, pack rats can carry the plague and have also been found infected with tularemia. Their role in transmitting disease is considered minor, although dead or dying pack rats should not be handled with bare hands, especially in plague areas.

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