Garden Spiders

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Spider Facts

  • Considered predators, spiders eat other insects, small lizards and baby birds.
  • Spiders rarely bite humans unless their nests or webs are disturbed.

Spiders Photos

How to Get Rid of Garden Spiders

Garden spiders help control outdoor pests, like mosquitoes and flies, as well as controlling harmful plant pests, like beetles. However, for some people, spiders create anxiety and discomfort, just at the thought of these eight-legged monsters, to the extent that spiders of any kind, beneficial or not, are just not an option to be tolerated, indoors or outdoors. Even though garden spiders spin miraculously complex webs, some people do not even want to look out into their gardens and see a giant spider with such a conspicuous web.

For some gardeners, working around a garden spider, while gardening can be reassuring and a non-issue, but for others, working so close to large spiders like garden spiders can be challenging and definitely not relaxing or rewarding in the least. If spiders aren’t your thing, contact a professional pest control company, such as Truly Nolen, to design a workable solution to all of your pest concerns.

Ask about our Four Seasons approach to pest control that considers common household pests through their entire life cycles. Quarterly monitoring and proactive prevention of pests includes creating a barrier around your home to exclude all creepy crawly bugs and insects from your house and your yard, year round, throughout every season.

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