Wolf Spiders

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Wolf Spider Facts

  • Wolf spiders have 8 eyes, positioned in 3 rows with 2 large eyes in the middle row giving these agile and active hunters excellent eyesight.
  • They can measure up to a total length of 4 inches including their legs.
  • Female wolf spiders carry their egg sacs and young spiderlings with them.

Spiders Photos

Wolf Spider Infestation

While wolf spiders may come into your home in the fall seeking warm places to sleep for the winter, these lone hunters prefer the ground in almost every terrestrial habitat where they keep the insect population in check. From the mountains, to the prairie, to the sand dunes, to rocky riverbanks, to your backyard and garden, wolf spiders keep harmful insects in check. Generally living in burrows underground, wolf spiders don’t build webs and can sometimes be seen running across open spaces pursuing their prey.

Although rarely found in groups indoors, homeowners may want to contact a professional pest control company, such as Truly Nolen to determine a plan to keep all household pests out of your home.

Another distinct difference between wolf spiders and other spiders lies in their unique arrangement of three rows of eyes, with two very large eyes in the second row. If getting close enough to study any kind of spider just isn’t an option, contact your local Truly Nolen location for a free spider inspection today!

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