Chinch Bugs

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Chinch Bugs Facts

  • Adult Chinch Bugs are about 1/5 inches long.
  • Chinch Bugs have black bodies and white wings folded across their backs.

How to Get Rid of Chinch Bugs

In many instances, chemical control of chinch bugs is not necessary. Studies have shown that lawns that receive adequate amounts of water throughout the summer, especially those that have had a weekly deep watering, are able to tolerate relatively high populations of chinch bugs without suffering any damage. In addition, many lawns have natural populations of predators, such as ground beetles or "big-eyed bugs," which can keep chinch bug populations from getting out of hand. Insecticide applications sometimes have the opposite effect on these predators, causing the chinch bug populations to develop more rapidly in following years.

To avoid major damage in areas with consistent problems controlling chinch bug populations, applying an insecticide in April to mid-May will control the overwintering females and ensuing generations during the summer. Reinfestation may occur from nearby areas, but this process is slow and may take a year or more. As with any pesticide application, be sure to read the label and apply the material as directed. Avoid mowing the area for two or three days afterward.

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