Citronella Ants

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Citronella Ant Facts

  • Typically Citronella Ants are no longer than 1/8th of an inch in length.
  • Citronella Ants are yellowish brown to dark brown in color.
  • Outdoors Citronella Ants typically nest near moisture sources and in dead or decaying wood.

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What Are Citronella Ants?

As they are honey-colored and reproduce in flying swarms, these ants are sometimes mistaken for termites. Unlike termites, however, they are largely harmless. Citronella ants live most of their lives in the soil, and despite the presence of colonies all across the United States, most people will never even see one.

Acanthomyops typically build their nests inside rotting logs or other high moisture areas, and for this reason, they are known as "moisture ants" in some places. Their nests are usually easy to find, as their construction may result in piles of excavated dirt left on the surface. Their colonies number in the low thousands and are most abundant in northeastern states.

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